Now Open: Student Courses

The University System of Georgia Scientific Diving Program currently offers two couses for undergraduate stdents. The courses are available through the Marine Sciences Department at the University of Georgia. Use the buttons to learn more about the courses and to download the syllabus.

Diver Information

The credentials listed on the pdf documents are required of all University System of Georgia divers. The required training courses are also listed below.

More Training

View and complete the online traning exercises below. Note: View the previous section to complete the required Diving History & Regulations, Scientific Procedures and Dive Planning courses.

Hazardous Aquatic Life

After completing this training you will be able to describe general medical procedures and identify hazardous marine creatures.

Diving Physics

This module explores physical laws and principles that pertain to the diving environment and its influence on the diver.

Diving Physiology

This module provides an overview of how the human body responds to the varied conditions associated with diving.

Dive Accident Management

This module provides information on a range of topics, including accident prevention, selection of personnel, equipment, procedures and the care of victims after an accident.

University System of Georgia Scientific Diving Program

The University System of Georgia Scientific Diving Program currently consists of divers from Georgia State University, Georgia Southern University, The University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Valdosta State University. The Scientific Diving Program is open to all state educational institutions in the state of Georgia.

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We are dedicated to excellence in underwater research, while also promoting safe diving practices. Contact Scott Noakes for more information.

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